Below you will find a number of resources relevant to this season of Ballarat Basketball:

How to score video Is it your turn to score this weekend and you have never done it before? If so, watch this brief video to assist you. Watch from the 2min mark. The referees will be able to assist you with what she speaks about in the first 2 mins. Scoring is nothing to be feared and it's nice to share the load amongst the parents so it's not the same person scoring every week.

Alternatively, click on the image to the right to view some more details.ScoringBball

Click here to view a completed domestic scoresheet. PDF

Application for Complimentary Child Tickets PDF

Tech Foul Policy PDF

Dragons Code of Conduct PDF

Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct PDF

Drummo Dragons Constitution PDF

Basic Coaching ManualPDF

Parent and Player Junior HandbookPDF

Drummo Dragons Merchandise FormPDF

BBA ResourcesPDF

Victorian Player Registration

Ballarat Basketball By-Laws PDF

Ballarat Basketball Operations Manual PDF

Coaching Resources


27 Basketball Drills and Games for Kids - aimed at all levels

Dribble Motion Offence PDF - aimed at U12 and above


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